Love in life is like the blue of the sky

Parvej Husen Talukder: If we imagine life as the sky, then love is its blue. Life is incomplete without love, just as the sky is unsightly and incomplete without its blue hue. The sky embraces both white clouds and dark clouds, and in life, selfless and gentle love arises alongside tainted and selfish love.

Parvej Husen Talukder

Everyone praises the beauty of white clouds, and poets extol them in their verses. Similarly, selfless and gentle love, the love of benevolence, is praised like the white clouds and brings blessings to life. Storms and hurricanes occur in the sky, and separations and misunderstandings come with love. The white clouds fly away in a veil, and the rain falls softly. Likewise, cherished memories are carried away by selfless and gentle love. The hidden pearls of dormant love remain in the gardens of everyone’s hearts. Some blossoming flowers turn into pearls, some flowers spread the fragrance of affection, and some flowers wither away with the dark hands of love’s separation, or they simply fall at the end of their days, at the end of life’s journey. Let the dark hands of separation pluck the flower unexpectedly, and let love blossoms fall in the unpredictable manner, like flowers falling in a sky devoid of blue, as if breathless. Therefore, if you truly love someone, let their sky be permanently blue. Gift them a necklace of cherished memories without the storm of separation, and let their sky be adorned with white, white clouds. Be a natural companion of happiness and peace in their life.

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